There is no such thing as lactovegan…

Some excerpts on why lactovegan is a misnomer:

veganyogini@lactovegan…..what exactly is a lactovegan….it is not possible to be lactovegan.

(Yes it is. We are.)

-JuniWolf@lactovegan Also… there’s really no such thing as a lactovegan. Unless by “vegan” you mean “vegetarian”

(That is what I wanted to say until I realized I had to explain everytime I ate out what my definition of vegetarian was… “No, I don’t eat eggs, No sir, fish is not vegetarian.. bleh bleh”. For some reason everytime I say I am lactvegan, waiter’s tend to understand.. at least here in Cali they do! Or else they ask and I explain and it’s settled once and for all)

isitvegan@HHVeganos Uh, I just noticed @lactovegan is streaming my tweets in their web bar! FYI: I don’t support ANY vegan drinking milk.

(I understand your concern. If you are uncomfortable with your tweets being streamed, I will remove them.)

VeganInLA@lactovegan Vegetarian & vegan HAVE definitions. It’s people like u that screw them up. Veggies don’t eat fish & vegans don’t eat cow pus.

(If only the definition of veggie was better understood. 😦 )


~ by lactovegan on June 17, 2009.

11 Responses to “There is no such thing as lactovegan…”

  1. “If only the definition of veggie was better understood.”

    As if understanding “lactovegan” is understandable at all. You’re no vegan. You consume pus, so you’re not a vegan. Not in any way, shape, or form. Leave our word alone. We are vegans, you’re a pus-chugger calling yourself a vegan. You’re an ox calling yourself a bull.

  2. “(If only the definition of veggie was better understood.”

    …which case is not changed a whit by making vegan *less* understandable. You’re not vegan. You intentionally eat dairy. You’re a lacto-vegetarian. Feel free to campaign until the cows come home for better understanding and application of the term “vegetarian,” but those of us who ARE vegan are only doing ourselves a disservice by allowing nonvegans to redefine the term “vegan” into meaninglessness (which is what you’re doing, here) just as folks have previously mucked with the term “vegetarian.”

    You already have a useful descriptor for your dietary choices. “Vegan” *isn’t* it.

  3. you know how you hate when people assume vegetarians eat fish? we (vegans) hate when people call themselves vegan though they steal milk from cows. the term vegan was coined by the vegan society and it means you do not consume or use any product from any animal. you’re making vegans take a step back by creating a name you made up that’s illogical like pescatarian.

  4. Suppose we look at the phrases “happy meat” and “humane killing.” I doubt you would disagree that’s a misnomer. I’ve yet to encounter dead flesh that was happy, and no matter how well-treated a sentient creature is, he or she will still fear unnatural death. I’ve had a good and mostly happy life, but that doesn’t mean I want to be “humanely killed” and eaten.

    The word vegan means one who abstains from all animal products, including dairy, eggs, wool, and honey. This is the definition used by the man who coined the term, and by vegans. Some self-professed vegans, like yourself, have undermined the term by making exceptions and amending it with other terms, and the movement suffers, and we suffer, because the public no longer understands what veganism is or what we’re about. People begin to think that vegans eat honey, or that it’s okay to be “lactovegan.”

    The fact of the matter is, cows produce milk for their offspring. When you consume dairy, you are stealing the milk from them, and you are indirectly supporting the meat industry. The cows are kept pregnant 9 months out of every year to keep them lactating. Their offspring become veal or dairy cows, and the vicious cycle continues. When they are no longer able to produce milk, they are killed. Even “organic, free-range” diary cows meet this same fate.

    Likewise, honey is food for bees to survive the Winter. It is not possible to harvest honey from hives without killing some bees. Many honey farmers also harvest all the honey feed their bees high fructose corn syrup. All this needless killing is done for a sweetener that can be easily substituted with agave nectar.

    I have to agree that lactovegan is a misnomer. You are no vegan.

  5. “That is what I wanted to say until I realized I had to explain everytime I ate out what my definition of vegetarian was…”

    Surely you’d do better to call yourself ‘Lacto-Vegetarian’ then? It’s a known term and describes your choice much better than ‘Lactovegan’ does.
    The reason so many vegans are getting annoyed with you is the same reason vegetarians take offence at fish-eaters calling themselves vegetarian. It leads to confusion in terms and makes life harder for people.
    So, yeah. Lacto-Vegetarian wins!

  6. “If only the definition of veggie was better understood.”

    So, instead you will make the term vegan just as misunderstood. You helping to muddy the definition of vegan and making it hard for vegans. Please stop using the term vegan. There is a very specific definition of veganism which you do not meet. Vegans do not consume dairy. You are a lacto-vegetarian. Use that term and help people understand the definition of lacto-vegetarian. Co-opting another word doesn’t change its definition.

  7. I agree with GypsyWytch. One of the main differences between vegetarian and vegan is the latter is not simply a diet, it’s a lifestyle. You can’t hijack the term to accomodate you when it simply does not fit. If you’re going to label and consider yourself compassionate, why not just actually be vegan? I’m sure you’re aware the dairy industry is just as horrific as the meat industry, so why be a hypocrite and support one while not supporting another? You’re an AR activist if you do that.

  8. I’m an ACTUAL vegan and when I go out to eat – I tell them exactly what I can’t eat… I never say I’m vegan because no one ever knows what vegan means anyway (trust me – one time I tried that and got my salad back with bacon, after I had them take away the one covered with cheese – Most of the time, people don’t understand what vegan means). I just tell them, “I don’t eat meat and I’m allergic to dairy and eggs.” – which is like the ONLY way to ensure they don’t mess up.
    Vegans don’t support the use of ANY animal products – that’s why you shouldn’t be using this made up, dumb word. Why don’t you just tell them that you are lacto vegetarian? Which is ACTUALLY what you are. Vegans don’t consider anything that comes from animals food or clothing… We want to stop the exploitation of animals – your diet clearly supports the exploitation of animals.
    Stop fooling yourself… You ARE a lactovegetarian… Use the proper name – it ain’t rocket surgery.

  9. There’s already a term for what you’re trying to define “Lacto vegetarian” vegetarians who eat eggs are considered ovo-vegetarians. If you eat eggs and milk you’re an lacto-ovo-vegetarian. If you abstain from all meat other than fish you’re a pescetarian. I understand the difficulty in explaining to people that you don’t eat eggs or fish. I used to be the same way which is when I told people that I was lacto vegetarian. I went vegan in october of last year and I gotta say; there’s no way to be a lacto-vegan. It’s a contradiction of ideology. No offense to you or your beliefs but that’s just not how it works. It would be similar to me telling someone that I’m a devout Christian except I don’t believe in Jesus. Believing in Jesus is kind of an integral part of Christianity, yes? Abstaining from all animal derived products is the basis of veganism.

  10. But please understand that the term vegan came about to help true vegans. By using it, you are creating a world of confusion. Lacto-vegetarian is a suitable term, and as you’ve mentioned, using lacto-vegan you still have to explain that to waiters sometimes, so why bother? Rather than changing a pre-existing word’s meaning (Christy– I thought of the same Christian/Jesus metaphor), why not just be clearer when you go to a restaurant. I NEVER tell people I’m vegan. I say “I can’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs” and I’m very clear about it. If you go to non-veg*n friendly places, you’re going to run into this problem no matter what. Logically, it makes no sense. And I think many vegans, and myself included, are offended by it.

    I’m probably beating a dead horse here.

    Honestly though, you should try to cut milk out of your diet. I don’t see the advantage of keeping it. It’s unhealthy, and the cows are just as poorly treated as the rest. Dairy cows are often used as fast food meat. If any of your reasons for being a lacto-vegetarian are related to cruelty, the environment, or health, then logically you should not drink milk either. An amazing and comparable substitute for milk is rice milk. Give it a try. 🙂

  11. There is nothing people who don’t think for themselves hate more than people corrupting “their” terminology. What will it mean to the Vegan scene if people don’t all refer to themselves the same way?

    “You’re no vegan. You consume pus, so you’re not a vegan. Not in any way, shape, or form. Leave our word alone.”

    LEAVE OUR WORD ALONE!!! (giggles)

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