Welcome to lactovegan.com

You may be asking yourself, “What does lactovegan mean?”. Well, lactovegans are individuals who limit their dietary intake to products that include anything considered vegan and dairy products.

Why invent a new term? In American society, the term vegan is very well understood. But, everybody has their own definition of vegetarianism. Depending upon indivdual interpretation, a vegetarian food may include dairy, eggs or fish. To overcome this vagueness in description of  individuals who do not consume meat, eggs, fish etc. but do consume veggies and dairy, we use the term lactovegan.


~ by lactovegan on February 23, 2009.

5 Responses to “Welcome to lactovegan.com”

  1. I like your reason for the term lactovegan. I don’t understand, how ppl can classify a fish eater a vegetarian. The public needs to know that Vegetarians does not eat anything that can walk, swim or bleed. Thanx for your website and cute terminology.

  2. so you mean you’re a lacto-vegetarian. there’s already a term for that.

  3. Folks eating dairy AREN’T vegan. Please leave the term “vegan” alone. Please. No animal products *means* no animal products, to the degree that that’s reasonably possible. Intentionally eating dairy is not excluding anything to any reasonably possible degree.

    You already have “vegetarian.” That the term is loosely defined doesn’t make it acceptable for you to hijack “vegan” and make it *similarly* meaningless.

  4. This is overwhelmingly ironic. The reason why “vegetarian” has so many alternate descriptions is because people kept modifying it to “pescatarian” and such. In fact, the reason why the word vegan was invented is because vegetarianism (which originally meant what veganism means now) was modified to “lacto-vegetarianism”

    Yeah. Sound familiar? This writer is doing precisely the same thing to veganism that destroyed vegetarianism.

    The reason why veganism is more specific is because we’ve worked hard to protect it from idiots like this person.

    The excerpt basically sounds like “oh, veganism has a pretty strict definition, let’s ruin it.”

  5. […] (and, by definition in this case, impossible) term to try to correct it. As is described in the blogger’s initial post back in February: Why invent a new term? In American society, the term vegan is very well […]

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