The debate continues…

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Adam recently published a good post analyzing why lactovegan is considered a misnomer by true vegans:


There is no such thing as lactovegan…

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Some excerpts on why lactovegan is a misnomer:

veganyogini@lactovegan…..what exactly is a lactovegan….it is not possible to be lactovegan.

(Yes it is. We are.)

-JuniWolf@lactovegan Also… there’s really no such thing as a lactovegan. Unless by “vegan” you mean “vegetarian”

(That is what I wanted to say until I realized I had to explain everytime I ate out what my definition of vegetarian was… “No, I don’t eat eggs, No sir, fish is not vegetarian.. bleh bleh”. For some reason everytime I say I am lactvegan, waiter’s tend to understand.. at least here in Cali they do! Or else they ask and I explain and it’s settled once and for all)

isitvegan@HHVeganos Uh, I just noticed @lactovegan is streaming my tweets in their web bar! FYI: I don’t support ANY vegan drinking milk.

(I understand your concern. If you are uncomfortable with your tweets being streamed, I will remove them.)

VeganInLA@lactovegan Vegetarian & vegan HAVE definitions. It’s people like u that screw them up. Veggies don’t eat fish & vegans don’t eat cow pus.

(If only the definition of veggie was better understood. 😦 )

All your vegan news on one page

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Guy Kawasaki’s is a good way to aggregate newsfeeds from different blogs and journals.

Luckily they recently added a vegan section on the site as well! So, you can have all your vegan news on one page at

Q. Why are lactovegans better?

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A. … because vegans don’t like fishticks 😀

How dumb can one get?

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… look no further. I found, perhaps, the dumbest website on the internets… The idiots over here could use some therapy (hate to give them publicity by posting their link).

More on Creatine for vegans and vegetarians…

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Guys, please also see this link ( which also discusses about creatine for vegans.

An interesting research paper about Creatine Ethyl Ester can be found at (shout out to Brian G for discovering this…)

Creatine for lactovegans

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A common problem that most vegetarian and vegan body builders face, is locating good vegetarian nutrition sources. As you know, vegetarian diet lacks in Creatine, which is essential for higher performance and for bulking up. Almost all athletes use some form of creatine as a dietary supplement.

So, I had been searching for quite a while for good vegetarian Creatine supplements and today I finally found one at Vitamin world. Its called ‘Creatine Ethyl Ester – AKG’ by ‘Precision Limited’ and is available as tablets.

The label on this does not list any animal sources, but I wasn’t sure if it is pure vegetarian. The guys at the store were not sure about this either :-/, but told that I can return it (even if it’s opened) if I didn’t like it..

So, I bought it anyway, thinking I would call the Vitamin World to confirm. And as it turns out, Cathy from Vitamin World found that this product is listed as Vegetarian in their database!! Cathy was helpful enough to search their data base for more vegetarian Creatine products..

Here is the complete list:

Creatine Ethyl Ester (Tablets)..
High Performance Creatine – Fruit Punch (Powder).
High Performance Creatine – Grape (Powder).
Creatine Hardcore (Powder).